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Latest Compressed AIR Industry innovations

Do you think to monitor and optimize your compressed air system? To improve your productivity while reducing your electricity consumption?

Digital solutions exist to help you. But also consider the compressed air piping network between production and points of use :

Guaranteed corrosion-free,leak-free, and with a very low-pressure drop, the AIRpipe aluminum and stainless steel piping systems offer you performance and durability at the right price.

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In the industrial sector, compressed air uses 5% to 10% of electricity consumption. This is true in almost all industrial sectors: steel, glass or cement production, food processing, etc. Therefore, it is a good idea to monitor and optimize its production and consumption. What are the advantages of digitalization for optimized installation?

What type of consumption?   

The air produced has various types of uses

  • Process air, usually mixed with a product for cleaning, sanding, microbead blasting, cryogenics (CO2 based), and spray painting and humidification:
    • Spray booths
    • Plastic processing (plastic bottle blowing machine)
    • Bottling 
  • Pneumatic command and control of automated robots, especially in the textile, print or packaging industries. 
  • Transporting powdered and granulated products, especially in the cement sector or cereals industry.
  •  Manufacturing container glassware requires significant air outputs for shaping the product. The digital solutions enable to cover the compressed air production and also the air consumption to provide a complete management of this vector. This improves production efficiency, distribution and end uses of all types.

Please find below the link to an instructive article about the newest innovations in the compressed AIR industry and the digitalization of the piping system: