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AIRpipe : company profile

AIRpipe company profile
AIRpipe specializes in solutions for compressed air and fluids distribution.

Throughout the last 10 years we have continued to invest in R&D, by taking into account market feedback and real-world conditions. Today, our new generation of products are engineered to be the most superior products available, advancing the compressed air and inert gas piping systems.

AIRpipe is 100% ownership of more than 31,000 m2 layout of manufacturing plants, R&D and logistics. We are committed to being your total solution provider for compressed air and fluids distribution systems.

Our strategy : compressed air piping systems and reduced costs

AIRpipe piping systems company values
We provide superior performing compressed air & gas systems with engineered longevity to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

AIRpipe: aluminum piping systems

AIRpipe is advancing the compressed air and gas distribution industry with its superior performance piping system.

The all-aluminum system is manufactured only from high grade materials and is environmentally friendly, using only 100% recyclable components.
AIRpipe products are a fraction of the weight of steel piping and fittings and reduce worker fatigue, and there no need for additional heavy equipment on site.

The aluminum light weight fittings are conveniently packaged and are ready for immediate assembly. The smooth full bore design allows for reduce pressure drop and no special tooling are required for assembly.

AIRpipe is engineered to be the most user-friendly and robust piping system available. The modular components design is ideal for both new and retrofit applications and can be easily modified to accommodate configuration upgrades or expansions.

Installation of an AIRpipe system means there is no need to weld, solder, braze, glue or thread.

AIRpipe is tough enough to withstand the most extreme conditions and is backed by our 10 year leak-free warranty. Our team is ready to support you with costs saving solutions for new and existing projects.